Why We Love The Oopsie Daisies And The Scrap Heap

Why We Love The Oopsie Daisies And The Scrap Heap

For the adventurous shopper, there are few things more exciting than perusing the clearance section, bin or rack.

    YOU know --

     -- The dish room at Bloomingdale's; the scratch-and-dent at Haverty's; the clearance display case at the jeweler's... The unadvertised places that you know are there, but need to discreetly ask about and be quietly led to. What amazing fun there is to be had in the gumshoe-level snooping and shopping for the perfectly imperfect!

     We think that exploration of our Oopsie Daisies area can provide that same feeling; of finding a jewel in the rough, so to speak. Items in this collection can be design prototypes or imperfect samples.

     The Scrap Heap is also fun. Items in this collection are fully finished, but they have been fashioned from remnants -- high quality, wool blend scraps, as it were.

     Both categories are filled with special, one-of-a-kind pieces; and we love them all.