The POM-POM Machine

The POM-POM Machine

Oh dear God - the POM-POM machine LOL

When we decided to add pom-poms to our hats, we had absolutely NO IDEA of how to achieve that end. Someone suggested we peruse YouTube and see if we could find a video that would show us how to make them.

     Sure enough, there were oodles and oodles, upon oodles of instructive and informative visual pom-pom making experiences for our eyes to take in.

     We opted to learn from a video which showed us how to make a pom-pom "machine" from two pieces of cardboard. There was a discarded box from a Dyson handheld vaccum around somewhere, that we thought would suffice.

     The finished "machine" was beautiful! It was a low-cost, handmade wonder of mechanics!

     After the fourth or fifth, wild, imperfect and wooly pom pom was produced from our wondrous, cardboard machine though, the machine began to deconstruct its way into irrelevance. An actual, pom pom "machine" was needed, ASAP.

     Now, we have several pom pom machines, tossed to-and-fro around our workspace. The cardboard one is so dear to us though, that we intend to have it framed.

     We hope you enjoy sporting your pom poms on our associated hats -- as much as we love making them!