In March, we welcome the NEW 2018 BABiES to the planet with POCONOS BABY BLANKETS!

The Poconos Weather

     So, we were all sitting around, enjoying our holiday decorations in the living room; while sipping hot cocoa and warm sherry one evening when the dog decided that it was time for someone to get up and take her outside. Andrew knew he would probably be stuck with the job -- so he grudgingly got his coat and hat.

     The silence was deafening, otherwise. You could hear a pin drop. Nobody, but NOBODY else had the remotest intent to walk the dog; or even move their carcasses from the warmth and comfort of their seats. The illustrated forecast indicates why, lol. If you're not skiing in this weather, you're pretty much shoveling snow. Or, like Andrew, you may be stuck with the task of walking the dog when you'd rather be inside, enjoying some sherry.