How Our Name Was Selected

How Our Name Was Selected

My mother absolutely LOVES the name of our brand,


She, like most others we have spoken to, was curious about how we came up with such an original, uncommon name for a textile line.

     It wasn't easy; though there were some parameters we did our name-brainstorming under. We abjectly refused to use anyone's personal name or the word, crochet, in the name.

     Here are some of the wakcy name combos we threw out (literally) lol:

  • hatsy
  • hatsie
  • MoChi - Modern Chill
  • MoChet - Modern Crochet
  • MoCro - Modern Crochet
  • ChetChi - Crochet Chill
  • Yarnesse
  • Poconoggin
  • Loop
  • Loopsy
  • Yarnie
  • Yarni
  • Chetty Cat

... you get the idea. These names were cute, but not in any way, reflective of the heart and quality of the wearable fiberart we are handcrafting out here. In the end, only one name was able to encompass the essence of our brand:

Luxurious, handcrafted winterfashion straight from the lush, snowy, Poconos.