Flea Market Follies

Flea Market Follies

     One brisk day just before Christmas, my family decided to visit the local, Poconos outdoor flea market and see what they had going on. I saw someone selling a beautiful Mikasa "Italian Countryside" pasta serving bowl from the back of his station wagon. He only wanted five dollars, so I snapped it up before he dropped it from his car and it broke, altogether.

     After that exchange, we walked to the central gaggle of flea market booths. Momentarily, we were overwhelmed with the sheer number and variety of items hanging from tentpoles; laid, or stacked across tables or gushing and dropping from waist-high boxes on the ground.

     When our eyes regained control, we all seemed to zoom-in on one man's booth. It was chockablock with winter gloves, scarves and hats. An impressive collection, indeed. That was, until you gave the items a closer inspection.

     Each beanie, though colorful, was of just the thinnest, machine-knit composition! They were trendy with sports themes, superheroes, catchphrases and that; but how in the world they could keep anyone's head warm was completely beyond our comprehension!

     You will not find our winter fashions in any sort of flea-market environment. Maybe our hats don't have every color, superhero and catchphrase under the Sun to choose from -- but they do have the handcrafted quality -- and the ability to keep your head toasty warm when the frost is nigh and high.